Friday, March 4, 2011

Things You See

Last night I went to Hine Mizushima's opening at Gallery Hanahou in the Cable Building. It's actually a group show, four craftsy felt artists.

Hine did an updated version of "Why Does The Sun Shine?" for They Might Be Giants Here Comes Science DVD.

We did a version for Ka-Blam! a million years ago.

What I didn't know going in is that the gallery is affiliated with CWC-International, the terrific artist agency.  It's been a long time since I've seen Koko, the director (or whatever her title is) -since we did the Parco/Blythe project for Japan, probably -so it was great to make the reconnection.


Michael Sporn said...

I really prefer your version done for KA-BLAM. It captures the energy of the song.

roconnor said...

The soundtrack is better for KA-BLAM, and that goes a long way.

We also worked with Jesse Gordon on the live action who's a brilliant guy and Maciek Albrecht did the sets and characters. Our film had unfair advantage.

roconnor said...

Oh, and the Nickelodeon budget was at least 10 times greater.

And considering that was a shoestring affair, I can only imagine the "Here Comes Science" DVD was barer than barefoot.