Sunday, March 20, 2011

Color Blast From The Past

I remember running out of middle green paint one Friday morning around 1997.

Chances are Cartoon Colour wouldn't be able to make the shipment for the weekend crew (cel painting -especially on commercials was often a seven day a week affair).

By that time New York Central Art Supply was the only place  you could get the stuff locally.  Pearl Paint still carried black and maybe white.  F&B Ceco carried some other supplies like acetates but even those were in short supply.

So it was a little shocking to see this in Blick on Bond Street.

Maybe they think it's still 1998, it would have been in relatively high demand with Buzzco, Curious Pictures and Michael Sporn Animation all within a few blocks at the time -not to mention NYU's always interesting film animation program.

I wonder how much they Cel Vinyl they sell today and who's buying.


Elliot Cowan said...

Maybe some kids are using it for a different application.
Painting on plastic toys or something.

Michael Sporn said...

We had a lot of cel-vinyl in the studio but w never used it. (Everything we did was colored on paper and cut out & pasted to cel.)

You should have given us a call, and we would have shared what we had.

Morgan Miller said...

I have a bunch of cell vinyl paints on my shelf. I still use them sometimes for painting backdrops, but often times when I open the bottle it's all dried up and hardened, so I walk down to the local art supply store on Graham Ave and buy Gauche or Acrylic instead...

roconnor said...

Someone once told me they used cel vinyl for something other than acetate and I can't recall what it was. Given it's viscosity and generally blobby nature it's hard to imagine too many applications.

It was also suggested that we forgo Cartoon Color entirely and just add glue to house paint.

Morgan Miller said...

I actually saw someone making some 'Star Wars' art in my FB Newsfeed other day using these Cartoon Colors Cell Vinyls on non-acetate. I think it was some kind of Illustration Board. I'm not sure.

David said...

A lot of people still use Cel-Vinyl for BG painting or at least color studies , even if the final production BGs are Photoshop.

Chris Sobieniak said...

"You should have given us a call, and we would have shared what we had."

Too bad you're gone now Mike, or I'd ask you too!

And now it looks like there won't be anymore Cel-Vinyl colors to buy anymore, given the heath problems of it's owner at the present time. :-(