Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ink Tank Poster

I used to have a few of these, but floods, vermin and other plagues did them in.

One of R. O. Blechman's original models for The Ink Tank was the Magnum Photo Agency.  Replacing photographers with illustrators, he thought he could create an animation agency for the world's great print artists.

Seymour Chwast designed this poster with eight fingers -one for each artist in the stable.  Blechman, Chwast, Maurice Sendak, Ronald Searle, Andre Francois, Edward Sorel, Chas. B. Slackman, and Jean-Michel Folon.

The Ink Tank evolved into a more traditional production company.  I don't think Folon or Andre Francois were ever animated by the studio.  Searle had some bits in a 2:00 spot for The Atlantic (I think), Slackman and Sendak only Simple Gifts.  Sorel had a few commercials over the years, and Chwast has several.


Tom Hart said...

I'd love to see the Searle bits. Are they online?

roconnor said...

The last I saw the spot was about 10 years ago on a dusty 3/4 inch tape.

It's possible that I dubbed it onto BetaSP but highly unlikely.

Next time I talk to Blechman I'll ask if he still has it (I have a feeling the answer is "no").