Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Movie

This is a repost from a few years back.

A nice little movie for a Monday morning. It's my favorite piece to have been created by one of my students even post graduation.

"A Circus Story" was made by Yong Choe and Julia Vallera as their thesis project a few years back. It was made during the term after they took my two semester Production class.

As you can see, I really hammered in the Hubley and they "got" it. Sure, there are the superficial similarities to Windy Day or Cockaboody -the flat layering of translucencies, the real audio, the camera work, even the design style.

Beyond these external similarities is an altogether different vitality. It's the same thing that places Hubley's films beyond the work of all the rest. It's soul. It's the mixture of joy and melancholy. It's the description of the human experience as the cumulation of love, longing and experience.

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