Thursday, March 31, 2011

Little Help?

As previously mentioned, we're doing the signal films for this year's Ottawa Animation Festival.

Like most of our projects we're making it both simpler and far more complicated than it needs to be. 
There will be several episodes.

In one, we're going to do that face thing, in three parts, flipping.  From the kid's books.  I have no idea what it's called.

Above is an example.  The top third is eyes.  The middle is nose.  The bottom is mouth.  These will flip through with other looks making funny faces.

We're going to "crowd source" and see what we get.  We'll use any drawings submitted to asteriskanimation AT gmail DOT com.

Here's the template.

CLARIFICATION: We're just looking for a single drawing of a face in which the three sections align with the above grid. 

Of course, folks are welcome to do multiple faces.  The idea is that we'll take the face and "flip" the parts with others. 

We'll be in your gratitude if you send something.

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