Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another Failed Experiment

We're doing the signal film for this year's Ottawa International Animation Festival.

Have a basic idea figured out and have started on some technique experiments -it's going to be a mixed media thing and evolved through several passages.

This isn't exposed or framed or really animated in anyway.

Trying to find bubbly, watery textures. Towards the end of the clip it starts to get somewhere.

Everything is digital these days -with the exception of stalwart holdouts like Don Herzfeldt. To us, there's great value in creating elements of the picture with tactile materials. A computer is a calculator, an accountant. It works towards uniformity. If the starting point is far, far from perfect the design and the animation have the chance to retain some of that chaos in the final piece.

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David B. Levy said...

Congrats on doing the opening film for Ottawa! Can't wait to see it! I love that Gary Leib did the poster too. Go NY Animation!