Friday, April 1, 2011

Japanese Bambi Playing Cards

On a recent dig through my drawers in search of the circle cutter, this deck of cards was uncovered.

They're produced by Nintendo Playing Card Company of Japan (I wonder if this evolved into the gaming giant -probably, is my guess) and they do have an official Walt Disney Company copyright.

Bambi here looks like a photographed model which was then heavily retouched.

It may have been done this way to aid in the lenticular box cover.

Lenticular doesn't photograph well.

The faces of the cards are fairly uninteresting.

Except for the Jiminy Cricket joker.  That would put the production of these some time after 1953.

The set even comes with an instruction booklet for card games.  In Japanese, but with a familiar face on the cover.

Mickey of the Rising Sun.


Liesje said...

Jimmy has Jaundice.

Charles Kenny said...

Yup, that is indeed the very same Nintendo, Richard. They originated in the trading card business before branching out into toys and then eventually cornering the video game market.