Friday, January 22, 2010


When I think of the 1980s -this is the first that comes to my mind.

The Morton Downey Jr Show. It was trashy, outrageous, and full of skinheads, red-baiting, wrestlers, rockers, charlatans.

What struck me most as a kid -and sticks with me decades later -was the opening.

Photo animation created by the great Veronika Soul.

By the time I entered the animation industry, the blue airbrushed background card was on its way out.  But it was a staple of 1980s commercial productions.


Morton Downey Jr. may have been the last guy to smoke on TV, but that didn't make him hate Fidel Castro any less!


Sean said...

You must have loved Big Time and Sledgehammer.

Great post by the way. I had almost frgotten about that idiot.

roconnor said...

When I started in this business, there were loads of people with "Big Time" in their portfolio.

It was directed by Peter Wallach.

A friend and hero, Suzan Pitt storyboarded much of it.

I told a friend to "zip it", and I was surprised that she -a child of the 80s -didn't know who Morton Downey Jr. was. Watching some of the shows on YouTube it seems almost quaint.