Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lecture Notes - EYE CAN BE FOOLED!

These are notes from Tissa David's lecture of 6/8/89.

They pretty much speak for themselves, so I'll simply transcribe.

Eye can be fooled
Eye will see missing drawing

Character and personality is what you give it.
Analyze situation your character

Elephant sitting in chair. The chair should react to the weight (weight and object).

Character should have contact with objects (example: walking by a table and touching it)


Types of animation:
Animation straight ahead
Extremes with poses
Cycle animation


Action overlapping:
One motion into another (flowing)
Example: Taking the key out.
Hesitation (3 frames)
Putting the key in the lock

6 frames: for the eye to see
Pushing: jumping up

Joints: Arm action up will involve -shoulder, elbow, wrist

Walking: Tight rope. Rope will bounce and the rope has personality of its own. It stretches and springs and bounce

Stagger action:

Main characters
Secondary Character should relate to main character (supporting reactions and embellishing the main character's action)

Dancing: Every action is more or less dancing. Has certain rhythms.

Every action involves the whole body.

Baby's action: is self centered. not self conscious. not inhibited.

In order to animate
1) ability to draw
2) inventive: never act out your animation. It can be deceiving. Try to visualize in your mind
3) you have to be an actor
4) should be interested in anything that moves (pantomimes)

Every scene must have a reason.
Building up to a climax and tapering off.
Every scene should take you a step closer to...
a hold (pause) starting from 12 frames to...

Animation is really a caricature
(action, personality, type, humor: release from tension -sentimentality).

Balance of emotion. Before it gets too sentimental.

Don't animate without some purpose of amusement.



Galanthophile said...

Neater notes than I managed all those years ago but then I guess you had a more interesting teacher with Tissa. Her teachng seems to make very good sense to me. An interesting post altogether.

roconnor said...

Hi Ian, these aren't my notes.

I unearthed them at The Ink Tank.

If I had taken them they would be filled with poor doodles and quotes of the funny things people would say in the class.