Sunday, January 3, 2010


Everything needs an update, right?

Who needs musty old stuff when it can be revamped into whooshy new graphics?

A few years back PBS repackaged its venerable Mystery! series into its parent Masterpiece Theater. This is, of course, indicative of PBS's cluelessness. It's not the packaging that's dated -people love the packaging. Even the form -if literate, intelligent programming was anathema then HBO, Showtime, and the entire boon in television writing would've been stillborn before The Sopranos ever tweeted.

Knowing the shame, it seems like PBS has not put the newer title sequence online.

Fortunately, the unadulterated Derek Lamb produced Ed Gorey titles survive.

These are a great example of "suitable" animation. I mean that as a high, high compliment. The posing, the gestures, the motion all fit the illustration style.

You often see illustration treated inappropriately in animation. These titles are ideal. Shame they've been bastardized in an attempt to make them more "appealing" to the "modern" viewer.

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