Monday, January 18, 2010

Treadmill Walk

Here are notes from Tissa David's animation class of 6/15/89. They are not old enough to buy alcohol, but voted in the last election.

I believe they cast a ballot for Ron Paul.

A lot of what is contained is outmoded -to an extent anyway.

Certain principals of drawn animation are inalienable. Some nomenclature, some process is technology driven. As the work of an animator has a large technical component, its only natural that some aspects of animation study go out of style.

Other aspects are eternal.

Space determines speed of background
Pan Right Top Pegs
Treadmill bottom pegs foot stays so...
that the foot does not slide


Animation on twos, BG should move on 2's

Avoid straight lines because line will strobe on 2's.

Exposure sheets
80 frame 96 frame
16 frame = 1 foot of film

On 2's 2 frames per drawing is safe
On 3's 3 frames still safe [looks like it reads 'soft']
If spacing is small and fast then animate on 1's

For levels 4/D 3/C 2/B 1/A

Half hour film: SEQ A B C D E

Avoid long scene. Introduce close up to break monotony.

Truck is camera moving
Pan is table moving

Cut into scene and fast zoom
In. slow down
1/100" a very slow speed/every second frame (very slow hardly moving)

In moving BG on 1s and animation on 2s it will slide or strobe
when character is animating forward (and not treadmill)
It must be on ones

1/1o" BG

Tree foreground 2/10" speed
speed will be determined by the characters step - space.  Fast. Slow.

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