Saturday, January 2, 2010

Keep Track

They don't just neglect teaching animation skills in college, they also fail to provide practical production information.

What do you when a job is finished?

Deliver it to the client, of course, at the prediscussed specifications.

Anybody can figure that out.

Second in importance to the completed project, the package should also include a DELIVERY LETTER.

This states:
1) the recipient
2) the sender
3) the sender's contact information
4) the date
5) the explicit contents of the package -whether it's one playable DVD or 2 NTSC DigiBetas or a slew of files.

Not only does this make the contents of your package clear, it allows you a simple check list to ensure the contract is fulfilled.  Of course, it serves as a record of contents in case anything goes awry.

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