Friday, January 29, 2010

The World In Motion

In a Saints inspired drunken reverie, my high school friend Christine Horn sent this link all the way from New Orleans!

It's obviously motion capture, but neither the technique nor the design (which is pretty good) are what I find interesting.   And yes, it is a few years old.

It was displayed in loops at Issey Miyake boutiques.

Fran Krause made a remark on a panel at Ottawa about abstract film. He was at his parents house when the screensaver popped on their computer. "It's like Stan Brakhage or Norman McLaren!"

In a way yes. Graphically, the liberties won by abstract art and animation have pervaded culture.

In essence, not really. At its simplest (and generally speaking) abstraction in animation asks you to observe. Most instances of industrial animation or animation in architecture are meant to be unseen. To be wallpaper for the 21st Century.

Lehman Brothers Building, 48th Street and Broadway
The Miyake graphics serve as both a moving wallpaper and an exploration of design and motion.  Abstraction integrated into our expensive shopping sprees.

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