Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Holds - Hey Good Lookin'

I almost forgot about the last scene in this sequence from Ralph Bakshi's "Hey Good Lookin'".

There's not too much to say.

The character design is relatively classical -a little Tex Avery, a little Disney in the eyes.  She comes out looking very Dean Yeagle.

The animation itself is workmanlike, it moves.  It feels a little "pose to pose".  The timing is strong: mostly two's with four holds.  The first hold is on drawing one.

There are 28 drawings in the shot.

The second hold, which was probably the layout drawing comes at drawing #10.

This holds for 8 frames (at 24fps).  The timing is good, but her animation into her next "pose" is linear, she takes the quickest route to the next position.

That's drawing 24.

This is a 6 frame hold which quickly animates to the final position:

Drawing 28

This final drawing, 28, holds for the remainder of the scene.  Over 1.5 seconds.

The animator rushed 12 drawings in the middle of the scene (between 10 and 24) when he should have taken the final two feet and used half to in that spot.  Another 8 drawings might have been enough to showcase the character in the transition between 10 and 24.

Still, that little timing squabble aside, the design and the animation express the character fairly well.  The timing is good in theory -but it rushes to that one pose a little too mechanically.

One big problem with the sequence: she goes into her apartment building.  Where is the old man, her father, going?  The other direction entirely.

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