Friday, December 25, 2009

Winter Wonderland

This is the last film we did for HBO at The Ink Tank.

Santiago Cohen is responsible this. As always his designs are stellar, this time matched by a loving soundtrack by Macy Gray.

Santiago also did a lot of the animation. I was in a foul mood the whole production because I felt HBO was screwing the studio. Funny, today, if the situation were the same at my own company I wouldn't mind. I also like to think that such a situation wouldn't arise.

In addition to El San, I did several scenes and a lot of inbetweening although I can't remember exactly what -none of it looks the right kind of amateur to be me work. I'm pretty sure Scott Dodson helped on this animation, and I think Casey Saffron was an assistant at the studio around this time. I'm certain that Alex Reshanov did the compositing and a lot of the art production. I also suspect Valerie Cardon did the inking, it looks good.

Amy Schatz produced and directed the show, "Twas the Night" for HBO. Michael Sporn, Jeff Scher, Nadia Rosen, and Maciek Albrecht also contributed segments.


Michael Sporn said...

I'm surprised how well the show holds up. I just watched again a couple of days ago. Nice work by all, though Maciek's Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas is incredible.

roconnor said...

The animated segments are good. The "cute kid" stuff drives me nuts, although they are well done.

At the time I felt cut out from working with Maciek on his films. We had worked together on all of the previous segments. This bothered me. I'm long over it since I realized its best to do as little actual work as possible.

His segment is pure graphic/animation genius (with a big assist from the soundtrack). There's no reason it should be such and emotional little piece. Through his genius of filmmaking, Maciek makes it great.