Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh, Tiger

This segment we produced at The Ink Tank for Between the Lions might shed some light on recent headlines out of Florida.

Tiger Words.

I did some of the animation. I think this also contains some of Patrick Smith's work. We did about six of these and would take parts from all of them and put them into the others. Steve Dovas did a lot, Tony Eastman may have done some. A few assistants around the studio did some scenes too. I'm pretty sure Scott Dodson did Tiger fumbling through his bag in this one.

I was very proud when we could make a whole two minute film by reusing 1:45 and just swapping out backgrounds.

Maciek Albrecht designed the characters. He storyboarded the first one too. After that, he just designed incidental props for new segments. The rest was auto-pilot.

Also, Fred Newman does the voice over. He did a good job.

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AVDJ said...

ooh! I forgot all about this one. those were the days!