Monday, December 14, 2009

Guinness Would Have Called This

The gayest cartoon on Earth.  And we wanted to make it.

I've written before about Maurice Vellekoop and how we love his illustration.  We've developed a few projects with him, nothing has materialized yet.

A few years ago Logo (the gay oriented cable network) invited us to pitch show ideas.  We began by reworking a great concept we had developed for a general audience.

Maurice had some new characters and created some -as usual -beautiful pieces of art for it.


After a lot of initial excited from the network, they claimed poverty.  While we felt this was the sort of production a channel could build its identity around (much like Comedy Central did with South Park, then briefly Chappelle and now The Daily Show) it may have been a little too out of the ordinary.

Yes, that is Liza Minnelli.

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