Thursday, December 3, 2009

Princess and The Frog for Christmas

It's going to start getting "Christmasy".

We've already gotten our first card of the season (thanks Buzzco!).

A few months ago we received an early Christmas card, of sorts, when Doug Compton sent his film, "Nuttin For Christmas". He'd been working on it for a year and created the whole thing himself. Drawn, scanned, digitally painted.

The most amateurish question we're asked (with surprising frequency) is if animation is on "one's" or "two's". The polite answer is "The best animation mixes it up." I won't write what the response should be out of fear of being labeled an obscene site by Google.

With that in mind, and the Princess and Frog on nobody's lips, I thought I'd post frame grabs of a single scene. Which demonstrates Doug's terrific sense of animation timing and spacing.

Each drawing is number according to the frame it appears in the shot. Missing numbers are holds. Example: there's no 8, 9, 10, 11 because 7 holds for those frames.

It's a lot of drawings but well worth the study.


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