Friday, September 25, 2009

Something Old

Saw R. O. Blechman last night at The Strand.

I don't have too much his animated illustration handy, but I thought I'd post one of the last commercials Brian and I did at The Ink Tank.

It's a pseudo-Blechman.

The agency wanted him to illustrate. He didn't want to. So we ask Nurit Karlin to do it. Fifteen "creative" revisions later, it was mostly drawn by (if I recall correctly) Valerie Cardon.

Also interesting to note that this commercial was made during the actor's strike. The agency couldn't shoot any live action, but AOL had a slate of like 400 commercials a year (most editorial variations and versions) so they gave old footage to hand rotoscope -you can see how tenuous the mattes are -and make a new spot with animation.

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