Tuesday, September 29, 2009


A few months back Michael Sporn wrote a post on Goldsholl Associates, a successful and innovative commercial studio from the 1960s Chicago.

I had seen the name, and some images but not too much.

Since there's not too much online, I thought I post some stills.

These are from John Halas and Roger Manvell's "Art in Movement: New Directions in Animation". The book is a great look at late 60s styles of animation. Earlier I posted an excerpt on Fred Mogubgub
Commercial studios tend to be innovators of style and technique. They (we?) aren't solely restricted to advertising and often take on projects that have constricted budgets or unusual creative specifications.

The work of these smaller outfits has gone largely unsung and unrecorded in favor of bigger cartoon factory operations. These larger studios may have had a more noticeable impact on popular culture, but there's no denying the graphic and technical advances made by commercial facilities.