Saturday, September 5, 2009

Progress Report

I've been meaning to put up some "in progress" posts from things we're working on.

The most exciting is "The Buddha" which is a two-hour documentary for PBS produced and directed by David Grubin. We've been working on 20 minutes for this film for the past few months. I promised to run the first post by them before putting it up. I'll get around to that soon. I think it'll be worth the wait.

We're finishing the first segment, as we screened it this afternoon I was able to look at it and think "That's pretty nice." Typically, I just see the flaws in our work.

Another fun project we're in the middle of is the second series of "Little Pim" DVDs. We're doing 42 pieces of around :30.

We developed two new characters for this pass. Joey Ahlbum worked up the basic model, then Christina Capozzi-Riley finished them up and did turnarounds and the above poses.

We're working mostly in Flash on this project. Joe Andriola (shown here) does a great of mixing the cut-out economies of the program with its drawing tools -giving the animation strong character and fluid dynamics.

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