Thursday, June 17, 2010

Strand Price: $3.50

Here's a little gem of a book from 1984.

Susan Rubin, Animation: The Art and the Industry

The book is similar to Kit Laybourne's "Animation Book" from around the same time.  It walks through techniques and process in a cursory manner.

Two things set it apart.

First, it's illustrated by the great Joey Ahlbum who must have still been at SVA.

Second, the last chapters are devoted to interviews with animation artists and producers.  Some were up and comers -"assistant animator/former in-betweer" J. J. Sedelmaier, "animator" Candy Kugel, "airbrush artist/illustrator" Mark Kaplan.  Others were veterans whose names are seldom mentioned today -producer Harold Friedman, director Stan Smith, cameraman John Rowholt.


jjsedelmaier said...

Richard - that was the very first interview I ever did. What's also funny is that over 25 years later, Susan (now Susan Hodara)
interviewed Howard Beckerman and I for an article on the animation exhibit we curated last year. The book is an interesting cross section of mid 80's NY talent. . .

jjsedelmaier said...
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