Thursday, June 10, 2010


This is an outtake from our PBS segment which aired on Friday.

Ben Shapiro shot it, Steve Brodner did the drawings.

The graphic idea here was very cool -MMS employees in a revolving door with oil companies (now on a spinning jenny layered in crude).  As sometimes happens in these pieces it was just too much stuff, one idea too many.

The final piece is here.  It's not exactly the final piece as broadcast.  PBS has "fair use" to any and all music whether public domain or controlled rights.  This doesn't extend to the web, so our music track -Fred Neil's "Dolphins" isn't online.  As is the case in most films, it's much better with the music but we're still proud of the online piece.

In the future, you'll have to watch the broadcasts for the full effect.

Leaving feedback on the PBS page is appreciated.


Michael Sporn said...

Excellent piece. It's not usually articulated that well. People like Chris Matthews likes just to blame Obama instead of going to the source of the problem. Of course, blaming anyone, at this point, isn't going to fix the problem.

Liesje said...

Michael beat me to the punch. Really great little piece. Wonderful imagery with some really creative shots.

roconnor said...

An earlier cut cites issues stemming from the 90s.

Policing by the MMS was very lax then. So much so that the GAO called them out.