Saturday, June 5, 2010

Animator - #65, Quiet

Here's the Screen Cartoonist's newsletter #65

Click to read the whole thing.



Disney: The application for the rate raise for the Scene Technicians, the new class here, was stalled by a paper shortage...

MGM: Walsh informs us that Mannix declines to grant the vacation request. After further discussion he promised reconsideration.

Universal: The long lost question of the Inkers and Painters engaged in process work has suddenly reappeared solved.

Wolff: Signed is the contract

Pal, Screen Gems: nothing

Lantz: turned on the 48 hour week.

Then an interesting paragraph on politicizing the union.

The five Disney men who were trapped with Disney in Mazatlan by the tornado are: Ben Sharpsteen, Norman Wright, Erdman Penner, James Algar and Holling C. Holling.

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