Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Animator #67 -November 12, 1943

Over the past week or so, I've had several (that's between 6 and 11) people mention their interest in these Animator newsletters from the Screen Cartoonists, Local 852.

It's good to know that I'm not alone in my enjoyment of these little time capsules.

I have a dozen or so left in the run Ed Smith gave me, and then a full run of Top Cel -the East Coast newsletter.  If I don't find an online archive for Top Cel we've start posting all of them too.

Here's Vol 2. No. 67 of Animator for the Week of November 12, 1943.

Schlesinger: The unit me and elect their new Executive Board representative.  A nose count showed that they were entitled to three members by terms of the new representation ratio established last general meeting.

MGM: Two of the vacation claims have been settled.  One has been paid and the other will be, the third is going by mutual agreement to the Conciliation Service.  It involves a question that both parties are anxious to have settled.

Disney: The new Scene Technician classification is still at the WLB.  The studio complied with a request to furnish further particulars.

Gems: The question of getting war work is still undecided.

Pal: Agreement on the Technical Directors is not set.  On the other two matters the management has jumped back and forth across the fence too often for us to give you any particulars of the situation.  The matter has gone to the Conciliation Department.  A meeting was held Wednesday last and another will be held on Tuesday.

Universal: With roll of drum and clash of symbol, the girls received their retroactive checks.  What is sweeter than retroactive retribution?

General: All units should take a cue from the swiftly moving Schlesinger unit and determine the number of, and elect the additional representatives to which they may be entitled under the new representation ruling.  The machinery for obtaining a more equitable delegation has been established, the individual units are responsible for its achievement.

The remainder of the front page is dedication to the discussion of the 48 hour week.

Inbetweens include: Tex Avery and Claude Smith classified in LA in new draft reclassification.

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