Friday, June 11, 2010

Inbetweening Nature

Here are few seconds worth of animation drawings from "The Buddha".

These are the extremes animated by Doug Compton.

This is a good sequence to look at to understand how drawn animation works. It's very simple and straight ahead. Since there's no character acting, motion here is broken down to its essentials. Even so there's "character" to the movement.

The scene eventually will be on "twos" -one drawing every two frames. To start, however, Doug has drawn approximately one drawing for every 10 frames.

Those blanks are filled in by an inbetweener.

In this sequence, you don't even need particularly strong drawing skill to create inbetweens. I encourage everyone to print out a few (just click to enlarge) and try it.

Even though animation is a difficult process, if everyone does their part as well as Doug did his here it's not all that hard.

drawing 1

drawing 5

drawing 9

drawing 13

drawing 17

drawing 21

drawing 25

drawing 29

drawing 33

drawing 37

drawing 41

drawing 45

drawing 49

drawing 53

drawing 57

drawing 61

drawing 65

drawing 69

drawing 73

drawing 77

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