Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Grasshopper and the Ant - 1 of 2

R. O. Blechman had a closet full of proposals for feature projects at The Ink Tank.

Some were just one page treatments, a few even had substantial animation tests (the best of these was an adaptation of Apuleius' "Golden Ass"), a bunch had storyboards or partial boards.

These are boards for a retelling of the "Grasshopper and the Ant".

The first part here is illustrated by Laszlo Kubinyi.

It's an almost 19th Century storybook style -Cruikshank,  Tenniel.

After the introduction, the illustration transforms to Blechman's signature style.

Some call it "squiggly line animation".  That's a big simplification.  His line, broken and nervous, is precise.  When put on film it often becomes lush.

There are another 6 or 7 pages which will come tomorrow.

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