Thursday, March 12, 2009

Notebooks #2

Here's more proof you don't need to know how to draw in order to have a big mouth and tell other people what's what about their work.

These are from a 3x5 notebook I used a couple years ago.

There are an unseemly number of duck doodles in it.

This is "WTF? Duck".

You can tell that they're birds because they have wings.

There was PSA from when I was a kid about racial tolerance.

A duck was hanging out, when another approached.  The first looked an the newcomer suspiciously, "I'm a duck".  The newcomer said, "I'm a duck too!"

The first did not believe him, "You don't look like a duck."

Then he was told, "I'm a mallard duck."

That was the most influencial piece of non-CTW animation in my life, up until working at The Ink Tank.

If anybody comes across this little film, send it over and I promise I won't say anything bad about you or your loved ones for at least two weeks.

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