Saturday, March 14, 2009

Three Legged Jump Rope

Last week's post about the Hershey's Miniatures commercial reminded me of this spot.

In many ways its the opposite of that ad's style.  I was reminded because Tissa complained strongly about the illustration style -the only time I've ever heard her to that.

The was illustrated by Gary Panter.  The style was too "hard" for her.  Not too difficult, but the lines and the angles were somehow off.  Too tight, maybe.  I couldn't get her to articulate exactly.

I like the illustration a lot.  And she, as always, does a sensitive job on the animation.

Brian mainly dealt with the production of this (this was back in the halcyon Ink Tank days).  I didn't really do anything on it until the very end.  The job was shelved by the client -who stopped returning our calls -but it had already been animated and scored so we did the art production over the next several months and sent it to camera with some other work.

I recall doing some cel painting and a lot of cel cleaning on this.  And supervising the film to tape session. 

Watch the three-legged jump roper in the back.

This is an eight drawing cycle.  

Drawing 1.

At first it looks like his right leg will just be a vestigal flap, and the other two will be doing the work.

See.  Center and left skipping, while right hangs.

Voila! The center takes command and both outside legs are equal.


And right lands first.  Is it his lazy leg?

Left comes down, center up.  This is where the rope is skipped.

And into the hook up for the cycle.

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