Monday, March 9, 2009

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Some cartoon heroes of yesterday are cursed to be remembered by oddly overblown animation in modern day feature films.

Some get that treatment, and discount department stores in Brooklyn.

I think every group of kids has a member they call "Fat 'So and So'".  We had "Fat Joe" in Pennypack, where I grew up.  He was a few older than our gang, and didn't really hang out with us all too much.  Probably because we were mercilessly cruel.

There was also "Fat Chris", but he was older still.  From my recollection he was a smart guy, played tennis and lived with his grandmother in the house behind mine on the next street over.  They didn't like kids cutting through their yard.  I still have dreams about that.

With today's expanded waistbands, are the ectomorphs and mezzomorphs singled out?  Is "Skinny Joe" the new oddball?

Also note the awning "Fad Albert".  Who doesn't love typographically erroneous signage?

With its Ionic columns and grand weight on the corner of Broadway and Marcus Garvey, it must have been a bank back when this was the corner of Broadway and Sumner Avenue.  Considering the long decay of the neigbhorhood, that may have been long before America first saw the Cosby Kids in a 1969 special

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