Friday, March 13, 2009

Looking For Fun?

Nursery University will be screening on April 24 at The ImaginAsian Theater by the 59th Street Bridge.
Kick on down the cobblestones and pick up your tickets before they're sold out.

Can't figure out how to embed the trailer, but here it is.  We did the titleing, motion graphics and some pieces of animation (some seen in the trailer!).
In keeping with the Ralph Bakshi talk from David Levy and Michael Sporn, I thought I'd add a story Ed Smith told me.
Ed claims to have worked for somewhere around one hundred studios.  I assume many were cameramen who needed a bit of animation, direct contracts from ad agencies or similar one-off jobs.  He still has the accounting paperwork for all these.
He did some work for Bakshi during Fritz the Cat.  They were having trouble translating Robert Crumb's designs into animation, and the director was unhappy with his crew's results.  Someone suggested he give Ed Smith a call.
The next day, Ed rumbles in, gets handed a few scenes and set to work.
Eight hours later, Bakshi comes over, looks and Ed's work and unhurls a string of vulgarities.  He calls all the other animators over.  "Look at this.  Just look at this.  Watch how this guy does it. This is how you %@#$ing! draw Fritz the Cat!"
Bakshi's studio is not on Ed Smith's list of employers, they never called him back in and never paid him for that day's work.
I wonder if his shots are in the film -they must only be a couple seconds at most.

(an interpretation of the events)
And for FRIDAY 13:

We don't have any Knights Templar, so the grand Masonic Hall on 23rd will suffice.  No, this isn't bad photography from a cold winter night -it truly is this creepy.

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