Friday, March 27, 2009

Guys Coming Out Of Guys Who Are Coming Out Of Other Guys

Patrick Smith has some paintings up on 35th Street. Between 35th and 36th Streets, more properly, the blockthrough lobby arcade at 139 W. 35th.

dreaming of the one world Playstation

Its a great exhibit space, two long walls.  Solid New Deal marble.  Ceiling until tomorrow.  And highly trafficked by accountants, lawyers, architects, seamstresses and whoever else clocks in their 9 to 5 in this building.

Its an exhibition space which suits the nature of the work.  Its clean and clear, and you get it very quickly.  The form is purely functional, but there's a little something to make it pleasing.
I'll make the claim that last night's opening was kick off of animation's Spring social season.  I don't know of any other events on the social calender, but this made a nice start.

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