Monday, March 2, 2009

Ready To Serve

When we opened for business, roughly one million years ago, we asked Maurice Vellekoop to illustrate an announcement post card.

Maurice is one illustrator that we'd love to work with.  There are few times we developed some longer form projects together (and one on contract for a VERY BIG MEDIA CONGLOMERATE that I'll post about in the future), but nothing's come to fruition.

We even did an animatic together for Grey Advertising, a million and one years ago.  The product freshened the air while flushing your toilet.  If that's not amazing enough (and, really, its more gross than amazing) Maurice's illustrated woman cleaned the bathroom in 6 inch wedge heels.

I'd buy that.


Anonymous said...

Ugh. First you accuse The Pains of Being Pure at Heart of being “emo” and now this. Vellekoop’s ladies wear stiletto heels, not wedge heels. Wedges are those heels that connect to the front of the shoe, forming a solid block of shoe and heel. They’re easier to balance in and typically considered less sexy than stilettos. But you know this already. You’re just feigning ignorance of women’s fashions so people won’t think you’re gay.

roconnor said...

Hey Smarty Pants, the toilet cleaning lady was wearing wedges.

The advertising agency even made a big deal out of it. I'm sure Brian can confirm.

I'm going to rent a 3/4 inch tape deck and scroll through hours of Ink Tank jobs just to prove it.

And that's the band's name? Jeebus, that' like the most emo name in the universe.