Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Say Hello To...

One the Depression starts to lift, we're going to frame this for the studio.

At first glance I thought the guy was giving "the finger", turns out he's more civilized than that.

We picked this poster up at Desert Island Comics in Brooklyn, right by the Lorimer L stop. It's a terrific shop.

In addition to artist's edition books by the likes of Ken Brown or Jonathan Rosen, they have a great selection of comics about people who don't wear spandex (unless they're "into" that sort of thing) and limited run posters including many by The Little Friends of Printmaking.

These are silkscreen prints. They have the kind of precision and perfection I associate with lithography, but the design and the content (somehow -it's punkishness anyway) are quintessential screen prints.

They're very affordable at Desert Island. Here's one that's up in my bathroom.

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