Sunday, February 8, 2009

Back To The Nursery School Drawing Board

We're helping Matt Makar with a logo for a new venture.

That prompted me to go through our Nursery University archives.

At one point we were going to animate several minutes of a family following the same process as the live action humans. After a rough cut, we all figured this element was not helping the film as a whole and reconfigured our work load to graphics, titles, and much shorter animated elements.

We had already designed and boarded at least six minutes of material, one sequence (somewhere) is through the first draft of animation, and this is a first layout test for a second sequence.

Ultimately, we wound up doing a few dozen shots that looked like this.

And several type-collage-y sequences in addition to the main title design.

Nursery University has been playing festivals and is planning a limited theatrical run before playing a MAJOR CABLE NETWORK this summer.

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