Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fat Thursday

In the tradition of being late for holidays, we wish you a happy last day before Lent.

This is a piece about New Orleans troupe Fi Yi Yi we did with Gail Levin for Prospect.1.  Half for them/half for ourselves if the accounting means anything.


Ben Shapiro shot this.  He did a very smart thing (and I was smart for thinking of it independently).

These interviews are done casually, in an on the street documentary sort of way.  While these guys were talking and making costumes they were also making loads of background noise.  Drumbeats in and out, singing, Michael Jackson on the radio -things which make it impossible to edit.

But there was a "full" take of a performance they did just before the crew left.  We were able to use this as an audio bed.

That gave us a few things.

1) It muffled and devoured the other ambient sounds.

2) It established a finite length.  Especially important, considering the lengthy and entertaining speeches Victor Harris gave.

3) It gave us a structure to build to.  The narrative is kind of rambling -but if we end with footage of the performance, that doesn't matter.

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