Friday, February 20, 2009

Well Met, D!

"D and W" is probably my favorite little film out of everything we've done in the last few years.

Maybe because it doesn't have that much animation.

The animation that it does have, Brian did in a day. Even the painting (with watercolor).

The stars are the puppets, D and W, which we videotaped at Cote Zellers' old studio in Cold Spring because our studio, at the time, was too small.

We all took turns operating the puppet sticks, shooting with a DV camera against a bluescreen.

That's the original "eye of the tiger" in the last frame.

Compositing was done mostly by Alex Reshanov.

Available on They Might Be Giants Here Come the ABCs.


Not Available said...

I couldn't remember how I started reading this blog. I still can't. But now I'm beginning to think it had something to do with TMBG.

Awesome work.

roconnor said...

Thanks for stopping by, Steve.

You should check out Elliot Cowan's recent TMBG video:

And they have a new kids DVD in the works. We didn't do anything for it, but Liesje's ( been doing all of the interstitial bits and a couple of the songs.