Saturday, February 21, 2009

Didn't See It

My favorite person in the world is addicted to the Craig's List Missed Connections.

I find them horribly depressing.

Still, I showed my face at Desert Island for the release party of "I Saw You...Comics Inspired By Real-Life Missed Connections."

Sam Henderson, mighty, stood sentry.

But the crowd was way too thick.

Despite the contributions of many friends and other great people I couldn't fight through to purchase one of these:

From the turnout, though, it looks like Desert Island will be able to open again tomorrow. There won't be any free beer so I expect it to only be half as crowded.

Tom Hart flanked by two indubitably talented people I would probably know if I could stay in a crowded room longer than five minutes.


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Steve said...

I know what you mean about crowded rooms.