Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pitchers and Catchers Reporting

Kidscreen was last week. That's where children's programmers get together and talk about the state of their industry, and kid show producers try to get 10 minutes of their time to sell an idea.

We had a couple meetings, but nothing was too far along since we've been spending most of our time recently preparation pitches for commissions.

Coincidentally, I uncovered a pitch book for a show Brian and his wife Nancy Fremont developed with Phil Marden a couple years back.

We had some preliminary pitches with it.

I think it's a freaking GREAT idea -part Rocky and Bullwinkle, part Gerald McBoing Boing, part Teletubbies, but 100% its own weird and awesome thing.

Check out the cool artwork and nice design to pitch.

It's broken into 5 Chapters. 1) Series Overview 2) Characters & Locations 3) Pilot Episode 4) Other Stories 5) Other Premises.

TV needs a grumpy elephant.

For some reason we never really pushed it. In part, I think, we were working with an agent who wasn't all that enthusiastic. Also, other projects came up and this got washed down the drain in the process.

Maybe we'll resurrect the idea.


Elliot Cowan said...

It looks cracking to me...

Jill Conner said...

Totally germane. You keep everything authentic. Hats off to you!