Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You Can Draw, Why Not Try?

We may be the only animation studio without a copy of Preston Blair's Cartoon Animation.

We do have these volumes Brian bought as a child.

No publication date, but they clearly went through several printings.  #190 was originally priced at $2.00, while #26 has a sticker for $2.95 (although the interior back cover lists all books at $2.50 plus postage for mail order).

Walter T. Foster of Tustin, CA published 205 titles at the time of the later printing.  These two and #25 "Animated Cartoons" are the only ones by Blair, and the only titles on animation.

The most intriguing is #117 "The Model" by Fritz Willis.

Liberated woman?  Struggling co-ed?  Young divorcee?  Heartbroken housewife?  Cruel marketing to place such an open ended question on the cover.  Was this Fritz' secret paramour?  His unrequited love?  Mystery.

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