Saturday, February 28, 2009

The People That We Meet

We're working on a project with Young & Rubicam.

That gives me the opportunity to come in early to drop off stuff at 285 Madison in order to save $20 on a messenger.  There's a depression on, you know.

285 Madison is a pretty dull building as a whole.  And from a distance.

Built in 1926 by architects by William L. Rouse and Lafayette A. Goldstone (quelle nom!).  The internet at the AIA guide are no help finding the sculptor responsible for the grotesques.

That person should get all of the credit.  Without these, the Northeast corner of 40th and Madison would be downtown Dullsville.

Interesting to see the cultural touchstones of the mid-20s.  Jeff-capped tennis pros

and slingshot wielding ragamuffins (his aim directed away from the street)

A soldier returning from the Great War.


Not sure who this guy is, the years haven't been kind.  Stylistically, it looks like he's moving towards the Art Deco which would come to transform the New York skyline in the following decade.

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