Friday, December 17, 2010

Secondhand News

Turns out we've been using our Twitter feed as a newsline:

Most of it is non-Asterisk animation stuff.  Here are a few stories from the past few days.


Blake Edwards, of course, wrote and directed the Pink Panther films.  In what has become a rare show of good faith towards fellow creators, he allowed the copyright of the Pink Panther character to reside with DePatie-Freling.  As a result, an independent studio was able to flourish.



Without question  the saddest passing of the year was Satoshi Kon.  It's impossible to quantify the loss to film and animation in particular.

The Walter Reade theater will be showing "Perfect Blue" and "Paprika" on Wednesday, 12/22 at 6:30 and 8:15.

I wish "Tokyo Godfathers" was also showing, but we should be thankful the best venue in Manhattan (one small step up from the MoMA) has smarts enough to commemorate this great artist.


Coincidental to this screening, my pal Lou Underwood shared this link comparing "Black Swan" to Kon's "Perfect Blue".

I haven't seen Aronofsky's film, but it's just another example of what a great talent was lost to us.


On an Asterisk note.  The Buddha will begin it's second run on PBS Wednesday 12/22.  All of you who can't make it to "Paprika" should tune in.


Variety is reporting on a new stop-motion feature on an old idea.  It's news, I guess.

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