Friday, November 13, 2009

We're Just Living In It

Looking through "YouTube" for some of Joey Ahlbum's "Elmo's World" clips to help commemorate the show's big birthday.  Could only find this one:

We produced the first season of this series at The Ink Tank (13 episodes, the clip above was not one Brian or I worked on). The production was the first time I disputed any production choices there. It was decided these would be animated in Poland, I didn't like that. Then, the production was never acquitted the proper resources to make it work.

Joey, rightfully, decided to just make them all under his own roof after that. The decision paid off -creatively at least.

His work is very specific and idiosyncratic -the way the characters move, the perspectives which turn from normal to rubber extreme to a new angle all in the course of 20 or 30 drawings.


During the YouTube, encountered this treasure as:

Paul Fierlinger.

Striking how he has the ability to craft a long emotionally involved story just as well as succinct witty pieces like this.


David B. Levy said...

Great clips you posted, Richard. Joey's work has such a simple charm. Sort of like J.Ward meets Sally Cruikshank.

I could watch nothing but Paul Fierlinger animation for the rest of my life and be quite satisfied.

David said...

Paul is the epitome of the "independent animator" .

You know he's doing another feature film now? ( his other recent feature film "My Dog Tulip" still trying to find a distributor despite winning acclaim at Cannes and other film festivals. Read Paul's thoughts on that here )

His new film is about Joshua Slocum who sailed around the world solo.

roconnor said...

That's a very interesting thread, David.

I've written a few times on this blog about my deep affection for Fierlinger's work.

I realize he's not the outgoing salesman that Bill Plympton is -so I understand why he never went that route, despite being perfectly capable of making a whole film by himself with his wife.

But he's as cantankerous as Nina Paley (even if less camera friendly) so maybe his new film can take some inspiration from hers.