Monday, May 11, 2009

Wonder Mom

Brief weekend trip to Philadelphia.
My high school pal, Marc Schuster, was releasing his first novel.
The first line is good and the excerpt he read was also interesting.  He admitted that he had a hard timing finding 5 pages that were "all ages" suitable for the party.
The party was held at the Swedish American Museum.  It's on the grounds of a lovely park in South Philadelphia, just north of the Navy Yard, just West of the ballparks (which we attended on Sunday).
I had a vague feeling I had been in these fields before.  Maybe with the Spinelli family the time I went to the baseball game with them and not my Aunt Betty.
Inside the Swedish Museum, a room dedicated to Nobel Prize winners.
I told Marconi "Wireless was a phoney".

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Liesje said...

Thank you for leaving out the 'jazz' comment.