Friday, May 15, 2009


Fifteen minutes until the school bell, desperate for a dry erase marker -none at the drug store, none at the other drug store or the hardware store or the copier or the other copier -I stopped in a fancy invitation/greeting card store on 13th Street.

They didn't have them either, but on display right next to the counter were these:

(artist's recreation: not actual DVDs inside store)

It's a little charge to see your work out in the "real world". Like being in a restaurant and seeing something you've done pop up on TV; seeing something on the "big screen" in the company of strangers, gauging their reactions, hoping for a reaction.

Here's more Little Pim on the little screen:

Collect them all: here.

We're hoping to start up on the next batch of these soon.

In the meantime, I remembered the Staples on Union Square, so we'll be all set with the dry erase markers.

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Alex said...

Are those the scented dry erase markers?