Thursday, May 28, 2009

Origami - post 3

Here we have a lot of drawings.

I wanted to pull some animation from "Origami" and this is a scene that was handy.

You have it in color. The animation is by Ed Smith from Matt Stoddart's characters.

A few things on Ed's animation:

1) These are his actual drawings. Before he begun we experimented with media and determined Prismacolor pencils gave the "crayon" look.

Why not use crayons? They're too small, they dull quickly and don't sharpen well, since they don't sharpen details are difficult, they smudge, are difficult to control and expensive.

2) This doesn't consider exposure. There are 39 original drawings. The sequence has 57 exposures -that means there are 18 instances of reuse.

3) In addition to reuse, showing the art in this manner doesn't account for timing or holds.

Regarding the art production:

1) The linework is Ed's, the shading is in Photoshop.

2) The boy is on the cel level beneath the boat. In the old days he'd be on top and match lined to the top. Here he's underneath and the boat is masked where his arm crosses over.

3) The bottom of the boat will ultimately be under water, that's why it's sloppy.

4) Newspaper hat is cut and paste in Photoshop.

5) Cheeks -one dab of soft brush at 60% opacity.

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soawesome said...

wow this is great! i too found out about the tediousness of crayons the hard way...