Monday, May 4, 2009

How Rich!

How rich can you get?

Our culture prizes obscenity, so "obscenely rich" might be the answer.  Now to answer that question with another question: Do you plan on riding a stretch limousine through the eye of a needle?

You're never gonna know 'til you've met

Priviledge, exclusivity, a velvet rope around the world.  We call them "heroes" or "celebrities" -purveyors of a secret knowledge.  That knowledge "heroes" and "celebrities" are uninteresting.  If the ticket buyer finds this out -there goes the millions.

This young boy

You can respect businessmen like Bill Gates or Walt Disney, who amassed huge fortune from hard work.  They may not have been nice people, they may have squashed competition and put forth questionable product -but they have the dignity their own devices.

A young boy? As rich as you can get?  What has he done?  What contributions to mankind has this young boy made?  Is it simply the position of his parents and the family name?

Richie Rich is his name

Figures. Either that or Cash Gold.

He's rich enough he's in the "Rich Hall of Fame"

I've been to the Hall of Fame for Great Americans -Oliver Wendell Holmes, Samuel F. B. Morse,  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, John James Audubon and few dozen other full names dignitaries.  Now an entire museum dedicated to wealthy.  Not their achievements, not their philanthropy -just the mass of their wealth.

His bank account is as rich as his name

For those amongst us who don't yet understand: this prepubescent twirp has more money than will pass through your hands and the hands of all your generations.  Adore him.  He's rich.

Now that's rich!

I'll say.

Richie Rich!

Once more with feeling -the obsessive vanity of a do-nothing billionaire, a Paris Hilton in a Little Lord Fauntleroy -say the name.  Say. The. Name.

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