Saturday, May 9, 2009

Everybody's Favorite Cracker

Ray Romano? Tom Hanks? Neil Diamond? No, no and no!

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers!

We did this little film through Young & Rubicam. Click here to play.

It's based on a little booklet. Originally the book was intended as a magazine insert -glued onto an ad. Turned out the media buy was too steep (there's a Depression on, you know).

The agency was taken with the idea and wanted to put it to use. TV would also be a little pricey -so they turned to the web for distribution.

The first version we did was much more complicated. All of the story points were identical, but the transitions were much more complicated.

Each drawing was traced back in the first version (at agency request). A traceback is when the animator (usually the clean up artist or inker) loosely traces over a drawing. This gives the line a little life -sometimes referred to as a "boil".

As a rule, we don't like the device. In this case, the agency agreed and it was eliminated.

The drawings for this piece were all done at a small scale. Just under a 5 field which is just under 5 inches across. We wanted to keep a simple, näive look to line and animation. By working small this would come naturally.


Elliot Cowan said...

Charming, but your linky link is all screwed up.

roconnor said...

fixed. danka.

Alex said...

That is pretty damn charming. But is Ray Romano really a "cracker"? Perhaps I need to brush up on my ethnic slurs.