Friday, May 8, 2009

Not All Comics Are Pornographic

Brian was concerned that people would think he only buys pornographic comics.

This is not strictly true.

Here's one from the collection. Jill Conner's interview with Gary Panter reminded me to pull this from the library.

pressed cardboard cover

"Invasion of The Elvis Zombies" was published as a "Raw Magazine" One-shot in 1984.

index page

This book also comes with a "flexidisk". You mp3ers may not be familiar with the joys of the flexi. 'Zines like "The Bob" and "The Trouser Press" would staple thin acetate records (flexible ones!) to their covers. These would usually be "exclusive" recordings -bootlegs, undiscovered punk acts, alternate takes.

Not to out-punked. Gary Panter included a flexidisk here.

Pre-Cambrian Bath

We refuse to put it on the turntable, fearing a Gurdjieff like composition which would spark a universal apocalypse. 

zombie James Dean

The most impressive thing about Panter's work is his (seemingly) natural draughtsmanship.

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