Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Get Happy

Yesterday was the last class of the semester.

One of the many unappreciated poeticisms of the syllabus -we end with a class on title design (which includes a bit on end credits).

This year I pulled up the opening titles to "The Partridge Family" after screening the titles to "Blacula".  Both were designed by Sandy Dvore.

TV titles are usually pretty stingy budgets. There are two points of interest to this piece. Two things that make it good design.

First is obvious. The economy. The animation is simple, clear and based on repeat action with color variation.

The second is narrative and a little subtle. All of the "family" are introduced in the same way -through the little birds: the manager, Ruben, is introduced in a different manner. This also allows for the transition to the live action bus at the end. A story is being told through the gesture of the graphics.

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